This Friday we are tickled pink to tell you about five classic Holiday gifts we fancy! These are some classics that will never go out of style!
We all remember the classic fairytale of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, and yes, it is one of our very favorites here at TBBC. This adorable set is great for the young little imaginations. It come with a playhouse, dolls, and storybook! Your little ones will love re creating the story over and over!
How adorable is this little piano? Schoenhut My First 25-Key Tabletop Piano is one of our favorites! Start your little Mozart out with 25 keys and soon they will be ready for an 88- Key Baby Grand!
We can’t forget our darling Baby Bow Bottom and Beverly Bow Bloomers! They are the perfect holiday gift!! Under the tree or in a stocking, monogramed or just tied with love, we think your little miss will adore them! And we certainly can’t forget about the little gents. The Dalton Diaper cover makes a perfect little gift that will surely make your little one handsome.
Choooo Choooo! What says classic, more than a Brio Train set? Your little darlings can go on a safari adventure, or pass the cows on the farm, and they even have trains that will take them to the metro!
And last but not least, an oldie but goodie, Lincoln Logs! Since 1916 girls and boys have been saddling up and creating masterpieces out of Lincoln Logs.  They are engineered for not only the younger builders, but they are also for the more advanced builders, looking to create their own 1 story cabin or even a 3 story lodge!
The best part about all these classic gifts? You don’t have to have any batteries to bring them to life. Your little darlings just need a little imagination and spirit!