When Morgan Hutchinson, CEO/founder of Shop BURU was little she was just as fabulous as she is now.  We love her response on what Vogue would say about her throw back baby style.

1.When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?
“Like a typical child, I was a bit all over the place – but I have always had a love for interior design and fashion. I asked to redesign my bedroom about every other year, and my dear mother most always obliged. From pink and navy to classic Ralph Lauren florals to Gypsy Blue walls with a yellow and white stripe cabana over my bed – I experimented with different styles and a myriad of color ways. My mom still has several of my “Designer Notebooks” full of images I collected from magazines. Eventually my love of interiors was trumped by fashion, but it is certainly still a big part of my life.”

2.To be successful you must love what you do; what do you do and why do you love it?
“Two years ago this September, I founded an ecommerce site of curated ready-to-wear for the mom lifestyle. I felt that pregnancy fashion had advanced greatly, but no one was speaking to the new mom or the mom of three who has little time for her. With a special focus in nursing-friendly pieces, as well as versatile styles to accommodate changing waist and bust-lines post pregnancy, we give mothers the chance to find their own #momstyle from a variety of established and emerging designers. Though the thing I love most is that Shop BURU has become much more than a shopping destination. We offer honest content about the realities of motherhood and feature articles on talented mothers doing amazing things (Markey Hutchinson among them). My goal is for BURU to become a true community for moms to chat, style, work and shop with each other.”

3. How would Vogue describe your baby style back in the day?
“Very Southern. Very smocked. Very colorful. Very short. My great-grandmother handmade and hand-smocked most of my dresses…and well – she loved baby thighs. I believe an editor may have mistaken many of my dresses for shirts.”     

4.Was there an item or accessory you recall disliking, but were forced to wear?
“I hated blue jeans. It’s funny because to this day, my friends are still shocked to see me wear denim. I suppose I have always preferred to wear dresses and rompers.”

5. In fashion blogger style, tell us about your child’s look.
“Olive Bee’s style is classic with a twist. She loves a vintage look with heirloom details like pintucking and smocking, but she also likes to have fun with bold prints from Mini-Rodini. Her go-to style for school days and play dates is a simple shift dress (like the Shelby Kate or Juliet Jumper) with matching bloomers and Zuzii loafers.”

6. Since it’s #TBT, tell us your favorite “vintage” fashion icon.
“Bridgette Bardot for date night inspiration, Elsa Schiaparelli for wow moments and shocking pink, Katharine Hepburn for chic, everyday style.”