Meg Shackleton, Owner and Designer of Margaret Elizabeth Jewelry is a lady that continually puts us in awe with her creations and her lovely smile. Meg takes the world’s semi-precious stones and creates modern, elegant pieces of wearable art that every lady wants in her jewelry box. We think  y’all will love reading about dear Meg when she was a little tot and seeing the heartwarming smile of her little tot, Tate.

1. When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?
“A zookeeper! We have an old home video where I invite my whole family to visit me at my zoo.”

2. To be successful you must love what you do; what do you do and why do you love it?
“I am the owner and designer behind Margaret Elizabeth jewelry.  I love designing jewelry that makes women feel beautiful and special.”

3. How would Vogue describe your baby style back in the day?
“Lots of matching outfits with my sister who is 14 months younger than me. My mom had some pretty fabulous ensembles for us!”

4. Was there an item or accessory you recall disliking, but were forced to wear?
“I recall a very frilly-necked corduroy dress that wasn’t my favorite!”

5. In fashion blogger style, tell us about your child’s look.
Tate is all about casual layering and mixing textures 😉  Kidding aside, I like to dress Tate in comfortable clothing that is made well. The Beaufort Bonnet Company has become my go to for monogrammed cuteness & for more casual staples I head to my favorite children’s store in San Francisco, Sprout.”

6. Since it’s #TBT, tell us your favorite “vintage” fashion icon.
“Bridgette Bardot!”