Margot Shaw, Founder/ Editor- In- Chief of Flower Magazine is this Thursday’s Little Lady! How wonderful is it to come into a room with a fresh floral arrangement or even just a simple stemmed arrangement? They add color and beauty to any space like nothing else in life. Margot feels the same way, she loves everything there is to love about flowers and believes that flowers enhance every aspect of life. Her magazine keeps floral lovers up to date on the latest trends, the most stunning wedding florals, and amazing arrangement “how to’s.” We think that Margot and her baby style are as lovely as a rose.

1. When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?

“All I wanted as a child was to ride horses. I don’t know that that translated into my wanting to be an Olympic 3-Day Event champion, but I had an insatiable desire to be riding. Finally after a relentless combination of prayer and hounding my parents, I got my first pony for Christmas at age 9 and was literally, “off to the races.””

2. To be successful you must love what you do; what do you do and why do you love it?

“I am a magazine editor and I love what I do because every day is different, whether it’s meeting about a story, traveling to speak to a garden club or antiques show somewhere new, researching and then writing a fun feature, or even my editor’s letter. I also love what I do because I believe we spread beauty and joy and who wouldn’t love that?!”

3. How would Vogue describe your baby style back in the day?

“Vogue might describe my baby style as tailored with a soupcon of whimsy. My mother was very chic and would dress me in simple white Irish linen day gowns and bonnets with satin ties early on, then a little later, Florence Eiseman dresses with Mary Janes, or corduroy overalls with Peter Pan collared blouses and Keds with rubber toes. Fairly standard stuff. But then, she’d have a dress made for me from some madras that she found and loved – very bold for a 2 year old. But apparently, I rocked it…”

4. Was there an item or accessory you recall disliking, but were forced to wear?

“I do remember that when my parents traveled to Austria, they brought back a dirndl skirt, poofy sleeved top, and an apron for me, and made me wear this weird ensemble on outings. I HATED IT. I wanted my corduroy overalls and Keds.”

5 Since it’s #TBT, tell us your favorite “vintage” fashion icon.

“My favorite vintage fashion icon would be Jackie Kennedy. She was always so understated and elegant, with just the right choice for each occasion. Great style.”

Tulips are red- hydrangeas are blue- we hope you love Margot as much as we do!  MWAH! T.B.B.C.