At T.B.B.C. babies are kind of a big deal if ya’ll know what I mean, they are our biggest customers! So when word got out that I have a baby on the way, it was pretty much like we ALL have a baby on the way! These girls here are like my sisters and we could not have been any more excited!  But what were we all dying to know? The gender of course, and the reveal party could not get here fast enough!

Once the girls knew the date I would be finding out the gender, it was time to plan! Time to plan the most ADORABLE gender reveal ever! And let me just tell you- It was so perfect and so cute and every other adjective that describes something amazing!

Waddle it be?! I mean, how stinkin’ adorable is that?  The girls (and Bert) all wrote down their vote for what they thought my little duckling would be, they took their best quack at it! (wink, wink)

Once they took their best quack at it, it was time to do the big reveal and see what special color would pop out- would my duckling be wearing a Beaufort Bonnet or a Barringer Bonnet? We had been waiting for the answer for far too long and we couldn’t wait any longer!

Drumroll please!!!!


We’re Tickled Pink, it’s a GIRL!!! Shop some of our favorite pieces for your the little miss in your life below:

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