It’s that time of year again, BACK TO SCHOOL photo contest! Post a picture of your little one (ones) wearing T.B.B.C. using the #tbbcbacktoschool and #beaufortbonnet. We will pick the top 25 posts. Our followers will vote for the top 8, and 4 lucky winners will be chosen at random.

1st place receives $500 in bonnet bucks, 2nd place receives $300 in bonnet bucks, 3rd place receives $150 in bonnet bucks, and 4th place receives $50 in bonnet bucks.

If your picture is reposted, you can fill out the Lucky Duck form under Information Station on our website for a promo code!

The last day to enter the #tbbcbacktoschoolcontest is September 30th, 2020. Even if these aren’t the memories we had pictured, milestones and precious school day moments still need to be captured! We can’t wait to see the bookworms, the class clowns, and all the sweetness you post! XOXO!