Who, What, When, Where, and Why.

Who…Who should wear a Beaufort Bonnet? That’s easy, any small person who can fit their pretty little head inside one.

What… What is all the fuss about? It’s the million dollar bonnet.  The Beaufort Bonnet doesn’t cost a million dollars but it will spur a million compliments.  Our little star will still be in style in a million years.  There are a million more answers to this question.

When… When is it appropriate to show off a Beaufort Bonnet baby? Advice from such etiquette sages as Amy Vanderbilt and Emily Post: Post is quoted as saying in 1959: “It is impossible for a hatless woman to be chic.” She added that it is incorrect to wear a hat with an evening dress, however. It is acceptable for ladies to wear hats indoors and outdoors. Miss Manners notes that daytime hats must be doffed at dusk. “Ladies properly keep their hats on indoors, everywhere except their own houses, during the day,” Miss Manners writes. “Luncheons even traditionally required ladies to wear hats.”

Where… Where should one sport their Beaufort Bonnet? May we suggest the pool, pumpkin patch, and play group?  Don’t forget about parades, picnics, and parties.  …And of course there’s the beach, the ballpark, and brunch… not to mention tailgating, traveling, and tea parties… the list goes on and on…

Why… Why buy a Beaufort Bonnet? Beaufort Bonnets are proudly handmade in the USA.  The little gems are practical, washable, interchangeable, and ridiculously adorable.  Beaufort Bonnets are perfect for boasting a monogram, adorning nursery shelves, and making everyone’s heart smile.  It’s as practical as it is cute- they are made to be worn.

WARNING:   Beaufort Bonnets may make other babies jealous.

VISIT A LOCAL RETAILER OR SHOP: http://www.thebeaufortbonnetcompany.com/beaufortbonnets.html MWAH!