We were so excited to see our T.B.B.C. models spending the weekend together and had to share their story!

After a week of T.B.B.C. photoshoots, several of our model families stayed in Lexington and planned a fun weekend for their mini models. They went out to dinner and enjoyed popsicles. They had brunch at the Kentucky Castle & shopped together at Little Classics on Clay, a Beaufort Bonnet Company Signature Store. They visited Keenland race track, enjoyed the beautiful fall weather and loved every minute together!

Thank you TBBC for bringing these sweet friends together and helping us make special memories, it’s so much more than the beautiful clothes!M. Housley

Since their visit together, the sweet friends have been coloring pictures and writing letters to each other. We love hearing these precious stories and seeing their adorable pictures wearing T.B.B.C.

Print and enjoy these coloring pages and pen pal template to send to your T.B.B.C. friends!