From safari rides to jungle expeditions, your little one is always ready for an adventure! Follow along on this wild ride, we think your little Safari Ranger will love this curated collection of toys.

Watch out for hippos! Your little explorer will love playing with this Big & Little Hippo push toy. The two hippos can roll together or be separated on adventure on their own. This toy is perfect for the little one on the go!

Make game night a little wilder with Wild King! card game… it’s a fun & bright twist on the card game of War! Children will love looking through the different animal cards, and of course, playing games is always the best way to spend time with family + friends.

Bring the tigers from their jungle exploration home with this bright & beautifully crafted puzzle! The Tigers Walk Silhouette Puzzle is so much fun, and it’s perfect for a relaxed day at home. With 24 pieces to put together, your little one will love this adorable puzzle. Of course, we can’t forget to mention the adorable box to keep it all together!

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After a full day, there’s nothing sweeter than cozying up with a good book! Your little safari ranger will love reading about Animals In Pants! With stories of silly animals wearing different pants, this book is sure to evoke some giggles!