Your little fashionista will be ready for the runway in no time, and you’ll love being able to watch her shine! We’ve gathered a few toys and books we think she’ll adore… we have a feeling you might want to join in on her fun!

We have a variety of different jewelry sets for her to choose from. Little ladies near & far will love how pretty they feel in these sparkling jewelry options! Pearls, diamonds, and rainbow gems… a dream come true for both her and you!

Of course, every fashionista needs a crown! This Gracious Gold Crown is so beautiful, it’s covered in sequins & ties at the back with a beautiful bow. Of course, it looks best with a Sparkle Star Wand in hand. These are must-haves for every tea party, ball-dance, and of course, visiting all of the magical kingdoms she’ll stumble upon!

There is no sweeter toy than a dress up doll! Complete with so many different outfits, these dress-up sets will be such a fun addition to her toy collection! They have outfits and accessories galore, so they’re prepared for any event they’ll be invited to! These dolls come with a background scene, and they’re packaged in the sweetest little box!

Claris: Fashion Show Fiasco by Megan Hess is a book that belongs on every little fashionista’s shelf! This story is about a little mouse who makes a journey through the streets of Paris! It’s beautifully written & illustrated and is sure to be a favorite bedtime story!