Calling all mommy bloggers

Attention Bloggers!  The Beaufort Bonnet Company is having a Mommy Blogger Show Down!  We love seeing The Beaufort Bonnet Company featured on some of our favorite blogs, and are giving you the chance to win a $200 gift certificate!  …Just in time for a little holiday shopping!  How to Enter: -Write a blog post on The Beaufort Bonnet […]

Elves Fit For Pink Shelves

  We asked and we received!  Thank you to everyone who shared the story of their elf with us here at The Beaufort Bonnet Company.  We enjoyed reading each and every one of them. We searched on shelves high, we searched on shelves low but these three elves had us at hidey ho! Kasey Thomas […]

Friday Feature: Beckett in a Barring

What do you get when you cross a Corduroy Barringer Bonnet with chambray, boots, and a pair of suspenders? Why, a #TBBCStyleStatement winner of course! Beckett recently hosted a Beaufort Bonnet trunk show in his home state of New York. He simply couldn’t keep his hands off the outfits. This kid has style baby![/caption] We asked Master Beckett […]

Boutique of the Week: Lafayette

We threw our bonnets over the windmill when we spotted this window! Looking for timeless classic pieces for your sweet little one?  Look no further than Dallas’ Layette.  Home to the perfect selection of gifts and accessories for children birth to six years old; and proud carrier of The Beaufort Bonnet Company.  Layette’s owner made […]

Gift Guide: Christening

There are moments in the first year of a baby’s life that are priceless, the ones we never forget.   A child’s Christening is a time of celebration for the family and is the type of event that yields true joy, and tears of pure happiness. Parents often spend a good amount of time thinking […]