Your new baby will be your favorite gift.  And this swaddle will probably be your second.  Who doesn’t love a beautiful gift wrapped with a bow?!  The Bow Swaddle blanket is super soft washable cotton cashmere! (The fabric is called cotton cashmere but does not actually contain cashmere; it only feels that way!)
Some say there is nothing sweeter than holding a newborn, but for those of you who have experienced holding a newborn in the Silk Bow Swaddle, you know, it does get even sweeter.
The swaddle is a precious form of art used to not only keep your little bundle of joy cozy, but to show off your darling like a present they truly are. We are tickled pink that our Bow swaddle was recently featured on The Daily South, Southern Living Magazine as one of the 7 Reasons Why Southern Babies Have It Best! “You’re destined to don a big bow, beautiful bonnet, or adorable bloomers (maybe all three at the same time!)”
Below is a peek from behind the pink door on how to properly tie The Beaufort Bonnet bow swaddle.
Keep your little ones swaddled and near to your heart as long as you can, for in a blink of an eye they will be running around in their Elphantito Patent Leather Mary Janes.