T.B.B.C. Holiday Guide: Stocking Stuffers


The holidays are approaching– hip, hip, HOORAY! To celebrate our favorite festive season, we are kicking off our holiday gift guides with the sweetest stocking stuffers– a cute trio of T.B.B.C. knit dolls. Our first little guy is Iwant A. Hippopotamus, a favorite Christmas tune at the Beaufort Bonnet Company.  And generally speaking, we’ve never met a child who didn’t want a hippo. Order this Night Night doll, the matching Night Nights, and make this sweet song (and book) a tradition at your house. Next up is Ted E. Bearington wearing his T.B.B.C. Night Nights like all good teddy bears should!  He’s very well mannered, loves snuggling, and adores sweet children. He and your little boy or girl will look so cute in their matching Rudolph Red pajamas. Our final tiny toy is the ever so precious Noteven A. Mouse. In true Christmas Eve fashion, he is the perfect companion for awaiting Santa’s arrival– when not a creature is stirring, not even a mouse.

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