Halloween is creeping up on us and only twenty days away, so you have just enough time to snag a couple treats!!! Whether that gives you anxiety because you have an indecisive tyke who just can’t decide what they are going to be this year or your little one has known for 6 months, we are here to help in your All Hallows Eve preparations. The ladies behind the pink door love any reason to give gifts, especially involving our favorite Autumnal night: Halloween. Whether you plan on spending the evening in all cozy with your loved ones and reading to your bundle of joy or hitting the neighborhood streets to trick-or-treat, we’ve got something for you. We love a good, classic book and Dracula, Frankenstein or Little Boo are a few of our favorites! If you are opting to head out into the neighborhood and stroll the streets for candy, you’ll need a bucket to hold all the loot. Y’all know we are BIG fans of all things monogrammed over here at The Beaufort Bonnet Company, so of course we recommend a personalized felt pumpkin bag for the occasion. Of course no holiday is complete without a little T.B.B.C.! We rounded up a few fall favorites for y’all so your little ones can be dressed to the nines all season long.