There are moments in the first year of a baby’s life that are priceless, the ones we never forget.   A child’s Christening is a time of celebration for the family and is the type of event that yields true joy, and tears of pure happiness.

Parents often spend a good amount of time thinking about what their child will wear on this special day.  Whether sporting a new dress or proudly draped in a gown of Christening’s past; the sight of a child dressed to be blessed is sure to make everyone’s heart smile.

In honor of the recent Christening of Prince George we felt it appropriate to show you our top gifts to give at a Christening.


Here’s what we fancy on Fancy That Friday:


The Beaufort Bonnet Company’s Worth Ave. White Bonnet and Berringer Bonnet


Christening Swaddle Bows

Savannah Seersucker Sweet Bow Swaddle and Breakers Blue Seersucker Sweet Bow Swaddle


The Cunill Sheep Rattle at Barney’s.


Elsa Peretti Full Heart Baby Cup at Tiffany’s


Neiman Marcus Cashmere Cable Blanket in ice white.

Have a Fancy Friday! And join us again next week! MWAH!  T.B.B.C.!