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It feels just like yesterday we were anxious to release our Spring 2016 line for the world to see… and NOW,  we are planning our Spring 2017 getaway photo shoot!! The lineup of locations for ’17 is an unforgettable and we know the pictures we capture are going to prove it. We are going to pack up our beach bags and take them back to South Florida to visit some of the grandest spots we know!

Let’s begin with the lush 525 Coral Way- otherwise known as Parrot Hall. This location is one of our favorite places on earth; it’s so T.B.B.C.! We made some of the greatest memories in this home last year and can’t wait to capture more this year.

Our next stop, the Colony Hotel. This hotel was built in the roaring 20’s and still today it holds that history, style and family service.  With its lavish cabanas, its heated salt-water pool and location on Atlantic Avenue, this hotel is one of Delray’s most prized locations.

The Brazilian Court, Hotel, & Beach Club is the ultimate Florida location for the rich and famous. Opened in the 1920’s, this hotel has flourished during the best of times and survived through the depression. Still to this day it has kept its classical and Renaissance feel that it started with in the 20’s.  Needless to say, we are so excited to use this hotel with such over-the-top history and luxurious accommodations as a back drop for our adorable models and our new spring pieces.

Last but not least, we will be wrapping up our photo shoot with a celebration at Lauderdale By The Sea for our Third Annual Beaufort Bonnet Baby Beach Bash! It will be a bash to remember! Dress your babes in their best T.B.B.C. gear and join us as we party the night away!

 We can’t wait to “sea” you at the beach in May!


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