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Attention Bloggers!  The Beaufort Bonnet Company is having a Mommy Blogger Show Down!  We love seeing The Beaufort Bonnet Company featured on some of our favorite blogs, and are giving you the chance to win a $200 gift certificate!  …Just in time for a little holiday shopping!

 How to Enter:

-Write a blog post on The Beaufort Bonnet Company- your favorite items, why you love the company, anything you want! The more creative the better!

-Include a minimum of one picture of a TBBC item (whether it’s one of our photos or one of your own darling children in a TBBC item).

-Include a link to The Beaufort Bonnet Company’s website.

-Send the link to your post to with your name and email address by November 13.  One winner will be chosen on November 15th.


TBBC will cross-promote select entries via our social media accounts including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and our TBBC blog.  The Beaufort Bonnet Company team will determine the winning blog and the winner may or may not be one of the blogs spotlighted during the promotion. Blogger does not have to be a mom to enter.

Please email for any questions or if you need photos to include in your post.

For inspiration, here are some blog posts referencing TBBC!:

Happy Blogging!  MWAH! T.B.B.C.