DSC_2434The Dalton Diaper Cover in Gasparilla Gingham, Beaufort Bucket, & Bishop Beach Towel DSC_2410The Dalton Diaper Cover in Buckhead Blue Chambray & Sawyer Sun Hat. SHOP SAWYER SUNHAT DSC_1948The Breakers Blue Seersucker Sweet Bow Swaddle & Parrish Paci Clip DSC_1034Sweet Boy Swaddles DSC_2084DSC_2125DSC_1979Baylor Bow Tie DSC_1105Jack Keene Jon Jon DSC_1198DSC_1203Breakers Blue Seersucker Dalton Diaper Cover Hat Stand DarkHat Stand Dark

GUESS WHO IS ALMOST ONE?!   The Beaufort Bonnet Company!  Our Birthday is July 13th and we want to start celebrating NOW!  One thing we want cheer about is all our products for little boys.  When we were first getting started we had boat loads of requests for classic baby boy items.   Spoiling baby boys should be equally as fun as purchasing all things pink!  Here are some of our goodies!

Walnut Stained Hat Stand Dylan Diaper CaddyQueen of Cashmere Exclusively for The Beaufort Bonnet Company Monogrammed Sweaters Corduroy Beaufort Buckets! …and there is so much more! Not bad for 11ish months!?! Thank you all so much for supporting us and helping us grow. Thank you for your suggestions, feedback, and encouragement.  Boy, oh Boy- it’s been a crazy year- this baby sure has grown fast!  visit us at http://www.thebeaufortbonnetcompany.com  MWAH!  TBBC