Boy, oh boy!

The Dalton Diaper Cover in Gasparilla Gingham, Beaufort Bucket, & Bishop Beach Towel The Dalton Diaper Cover in Buckhead Blue Chambray & Sawyer Sun Hat. SHOP SAWYER SUNHAT The Breakers Blue Seersucker Sweet Bow Swaddle & Parrish Paci Clip Sweet Boy Swaddles Baylor Bow Tie Jack Keene Jon Jon Breakers Blue Seersucker Dalton Diaper Cover  GUESS WHO IS ALMOST ONE?!   The Beaufort […]

The 5 Ws…

Who, What, When, Where, and Why. Who…Who should wear a Beaufort Bonnet? That’s easy, any small person who can fit their pretty little head inside one. What… What is all the fuss about? It’s the million dollar bonnet.  The Beaufort Bonnet doesn’t cost a million dollars but it will spur a million compliments.  Our little star will still […]

Mothers Day brunch!

  Whether you are a Mom to be or a Mom to one, two, or three; enjoy this Holiday that celebrates you! When you gather with family for your Mother’s Day Brunch be thankful for your children, and the fact that their well-dressed! Happy Mother’s Day from The Beaufort Bonnet Company!  Mwah

Santa, baby!

Our elves have been working around the clock to make sure TBBC items are monogrammed and mailed in time for Christmas! We are still taking custom orders so keep them coming! 😉  While TBBC has been busy supplying you with gifts, we have been the recipient of kind words and attention. Business Lexington pulished a […]