When This Lady Was Little: Elizabeth Locke

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  Introducing Elizabeth Locke, founder and designer of Elizabeth Locke Jewelry.  She’s an inspiration and we adore her eye for finding and creating the most immaculate jewelry pieces. Classic, luminous, and worldly… A little fun fact about darling Elizabeth, she owns this stunning “gem”  in Beaufort, SC.  You may recognize it; it was the backdrop of one of our favorite photo […]

When This Lady Was Little: Morgan Hutchinson

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When Morgan Hutchinson, CEO/founder of Shop BURU was little she was just as fabulous as she is now.  We love her response on what Vogue would say about her throw back baby style. 1.When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up? “Like a typical child, I was a bit […]

New Series: When This Lady Was Little

Introducing our newest blog series- When This Lady Was Little! Each Thursday we will post a blog featuring some of T.B.B.C.’s favorite women.  The tricky part is we don’t usually focus on ladies’ fashion- we concentrate on cute and clever baby style.  But then it dawned on us, our favorite ladies were babies once- perfect! We are […]

Hint, Hint – Wink, Wink

We’ve Hit 25K!! 25,000 of what you say? Silly silly, we can’t tell you just yet but we will give you a little hint! Hint- You must jump online and sign up for our email list before tomorrow morning and maybe, just maybe- you will get a little surprise in your inbox from T.B.B.C.!   You may want to make sure […]

A Beaufort Bonnet Bash: Cabana Lounge Leaf Luncheon

The second day of the photo shoot provided double duty for everyone. Part of the T.B.B.C. team headed to South Beach to shoot at The Raleigh hotel and the rest of the team worked their decorating magic at the house.  The girls couldn’t help but want to stage another party given our beautiful surroundings. Here’s […]